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PEmicro Firsts
 We developed and marketed the world's first general purpose EPROM programmer.
 We were the world's first to develop the concept of an in-circuit simulator.
 We brought to market the world's first products to use background debug mode.


PEmicro is an industry trendsetter in hardware & software development tools for NXP and ARM Cortex microcontrollers. PEmicro takes pride in its committment to providing professional, low-cost development tools and prompt, knowledgeable customer support.

PEmicro was founded (as P&E Microcomputer Systems) in 1980 and incorporated in 1982 by Dr. David A. Perreault.

PEmicro developed and marketed the first general purpose EPROM programmer. It was based on the Z80 microprocessor and provided the ability to reconfigure pinouts. The second product developed by PEmicro was an S100 bus-based ROM emulator. This product pushed forward the capability to rapidly develop microcomputer based systems.

Having developed a large number of microcontroller / microprocessor systems including both hardware and software, PEmicro capitalized on this experience and began developing software development tools. Much of this effort was directed toward simulators and cross-assemblers. PEmicro developed the concept of an in-circuit simulator. This device combines the big features of a simulator with the added advantage of real IO. This concept was used in Motorola's (now NXP's) very successful promotion for the 68HC05K1 part called the KICS05.

More recently, PEmicro has developed the Multilink Universal and Multilink Universal FX - all-in-one development interfaces which support a broad range of NXP architectures - as well as the Tracelink, an advanced, sub-$1000 interface which supports external trace via NXP's CodeWarrior IDE.


Cyclone & Cyclone FX

Stand-Alone, In-Circuit
Programmer, Debug & Test
  4.3" touchscreen LCD menu configuration and control
  Support for many ARM® Cortex® and NXP® 8-/16-/32-bit devices
  USB, Ethernet & Serial Interfaces
  Anti-tamper tech, internal memory protection & encryption
  Cyclone FX includes faster communications, larger & expandable storage, enhanced security features, and more!
  Operations can easily be automated

See a detailed comparison
of Cyclone & Cyclone FX.


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